Outflow = Inlet’s Outreach Initiatives

Inlet Dance Theatre expands the reach of its education programs by traveling out into communities. Often times, local schools and/or civic arts organizations will invite Inlet to their town to offer community programs, residencies or assembly performances. Inlet has an extensive list of communities that we have partnered with, in addition to connections we’ve made through our affiliation with the Ohio Arts Council.


Inlet Dance Theatre conducts residencies in schools, through community arts organizations, and in communities. Inlet residencies allow a diverse range of students to dive into the dance making process, regardless of their previous dance experience. Inlet residencies link with national and state dance and academic standards while engaging students in the creative thinking process in an empathic environment.

Inlet Dance Theatre is on the Ohio Arts Council’s Arts Learning Artist Directory. The Ohio Arts Council program provides an avenue of funding for schools, arts organizations and communities.

Residencies typically include:

  • Planning meeting(s)
  • Initial performance of Inlet Dance Theatre
  • Student population assessment and core group selection
  • Staff workshop
  • Curricular teaching
  • Culminating performance
  • Follow up


School assemblies are generally 45 - 60 minutes and include narration linking the performed repertory to academic standards or a specific topic. School assemblies may be performed in a gymnasium or auditorium for up to 200 students. There is a pricing break for schools whose student population is greater than 200 requiring back-to-back assemblies.

Community Programs

Inlet collaborates with communities to design and implement programs that engage local residents in the dance making process, and usually culminate with a performance in a community space. For example, Inlet worked with community members in Chagrin Falls (OH) in a series of workshops to create masks, costuming, and puppets. Inlet then conducted movement workshops and culminated the experience by creating an award winning section in the annual Blossom Time Parade.

Community Program includes:

Planning phase:

Inlet and key community members collaborate to discover the scope and vision for the overall project.

Implementation phase:

Inlet works with the selected core group from the community teaching movement and other workshops focused on the culminating event.

Culminating performance:

Members of the selected core group perform, often with members of Inlet Dance Theatre, in a culminating public performance.

Evaluation phase:

Inlet meets with key community members to assess the process and final performance piece, to collect feedback from community members, and to collate media coverage.

Professional Development

Team- Building Workshops

To discuss how Inlet's varied education initiatives may serve your program, call 216-721-8580 or email info@inletdance.org