Below are descriptions of works currently in Inlet Dance Theatre’s active repertoire. Choreography by Bill Wade unless noted.

A Close Shave (2006) Run time: 7:30
The content of this work centers on the idea of a man confronting and wrestling with the proverbial man staring back at him every morning when he shaves. Inspired by “Man in the Mirror,” by Patrick Morley.

Angels Unaware (2014) Run time: 18:00
We started working on this piece while teaching and performing in Houston (TX). This work is inspired by and explores transformational exchanges between people.

Ascension (2006) Run time: 8:00
Relationships are the most important aspect of life. This work centers on the idea that human beings ascend to higher places when their relationships are respect based, balanced, and full of trust.

Awaken (2015) Run time: 10:45
Inlet participated in The Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion international artist exchange program with Bulgarian intermedia artist Mihaela Kavdanska. Mihaela brought Inlet this multimedia music visualization set to an impressionist score, using real-time generated media art that we then choreographed to.

BALListic (2002) Run time: 9:00
We wondered what would happen if we researched and developed movement on exercise physio balls. This dance was constructed via numerous months of improvisation. This lighthearted work is particularly useful in our educational outreach performances and residencies with children and families.

Beauty in Tension (2010) Run time: 17:45
Centered in our recent anxiety-ridden economic times, this work explores how people are living under tension, being held back by circumstance, and/or caught up in a sea of resulting emotions. Some cope in an unhealthy manner, others find peace. Moments of beauty, release and freedom amidst this tension inspire hope.

B’Roke (2004) Run time: 9:30
We are blessed to have moments in life that elevate us from daily negative circumstances such as laughing extremely hard, listening to a beautiful piece of music, watching your child play, or worship. This piece represents gathering these uplifting life moments together into a colorful bouquet.

Create (2009) Run time: 5:11
This pop-modern piece is inspired by the dynamics of the timbre in the music, the creative process, and the dictionary definition of the word "create.”

Connecting (2013) Run time: 15:00
This work is the result of Inlet collaborating with Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion International Artist Exchange Program which brought Vietnamese artist Bui Cong Khanh (Khanh) to PlayhouseSquare for a three month residency. The multi-media work explored the idea of connection and was based on our experiences collaborating, Khanh’s large scale drawings, and the themes in his final film.

Doppelganger (2001) Run time: 5:00
The inspiration of this work comes from the miracle of gestation, whether it be the creation of a unique individual, a work of art, or an organization such as Inlet.

Dream of Sleeping (2004) Run time: 16:00
This dance is made possible by the Strohl Family Trust in response to sleep specialist Dr. Kingman Strohl’s request to create a work based on sleep and its related issues. The work continues to evolve and sites individual bed time rituals, sleep posturing preferences, various sleep disorders, experiences and images.

Easter Island Memoirs (formerly titled “Center of The Earth” - Te Pito o te Henua) (2012) Run time: 45:00
In spring of 2008, Bill Wade and the company members of Inlet Dance Theatre were blessed to participate in the final phase of an International Artist Exchange with artists from Easter Island (Rapa Nui), made possible by the Ohio Arts Council, the Ohio Arts Foundation, The State Department, and the American Embassy in Santiago (Chile). As part of that exchange, Inlet artists spent two weeks on the island performing, teaching, and exploring. Center of the Earth (Te Pito o te Henua) was created in response to this multi-phase international artist exchange program. The imagery in this work is directly connected to specific experiences on the island. We use Inlet's unique aesthetic and brand of modern dance and reference Rapa Nui cultural icons, environmental images such as the ocean and lava caves, and focus on global themes of community, identity and gender roles.

Four Elements (2011-2015) Run time: 31:00
Inspired by the book, “The Four Elements of Success,” by Laurie Beth Jones, this four movement work explores how the four elements can be viewed as personality types. The idea for this work came as a result of an organizational development workshop in Inlet's rehearsal studio led by Tinamou Consulting ( followed by collaborative sessions exploring how to express each personality type using Inlet’s unique collaborative creative process and aesthetic brand of modern dance. The first installment Water, premiered in 2011, with Air (2013), Fire (2014) and Earth (2015) following.

Getting to Zero (2016) Run time: 5:45
This work can be performed by 1, 3 or 5 women and was inspired by members of Inlet Dance Theatre meeting and speaking with survivors of human trafficking. This work, an abstract of their stories, is in honor of the survivors we met.

Inner Dust. In 6 Parts (2015) Run time: 17:00
Inlet participated in The Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion international artist exchange program with Bulgarian intermedia artist Mihaela Kavdanska. This work is an intermedia dance performance using real-time interactive technology. Inlet created character studies based on the characteristics of the various interactions.

imPAIRed (2004) Run time: 9:00
Inlet Dance Theatre conducted residencies for visually impaired and blind students at the Cleveland Sight Center (CSC) in 2003 and 2004, culminating with the Sight Center students participating in Parade the Circle Celebration each year. In reaction to our experiences with CSC students, staff and parents, we blindfolded the dancers and asked them to partner each other – thereby unleashing a new level of sensitivity, caring and trust within the dancers. The resulting intimacy, tension, and imagery are condensed into this challenging duet.

Let Go (2011) Run time: 11:00
For many, life involves periods of familial or financial struggles, peer rejection, and even harsh circumstances like battling cancer. Choosing to work past the resulting issues involves learning that forgiveness and letting go is a key component to maturity and freedom.

Memoriate (2001) Run time: 9:15
A conversation I had concerning issues facing the elderly and their care-givers sparked the creation of this work. The dance was created with the intention of honoring our elderly and those that provide their care and heightening our awareness of their concerns.

Motherless Child (2000) Run time: 5:00
Originally created with the YARD at Cleveland School of the Arts ('90's), this work was the result of conversations with people connected to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland regarding the air lift rescue of Ethiopian Jews to Israel beginning in the late 1970's. Shlomo Gronich and the Sheba Choir came to Cleveland to perform; Cleveland was their first stop in an American tour. While in Cleveland, the Sheba Choir came to Cleveland School of the Arts and met the dancers in the YARD; we performed this work, which tells their story, for them as a gift.

My Body is Our Body (2016)
Created in collaboration with The Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion visual artist, Hui-Lin Chuang (Taiwan). Lin’s intricate and unique sketches, based upon viewing an informal concert with the company, were the inspiration for Inlet to create new movement. In Taiwanese culture, the negative spaces in between solid structures are just as important as the structures themselves. Lin created more than 20 intricate laser cut wood designs that were displayed in a gallery during the premiere performance. In the 6-movement performance piece, the use of shadows and light sources became integral into the overall concept.

Nature Displays (2014) Run time: 17:45
Nature Displays
was commissioned by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and was inspired by the contents of the exhibit Nature’s Mating Games: Beyond the Birds and the Bees. The work is comprised of numerous vignettes so the work is scalable for duration and content.

Offaxis (2008) Run time: 5:30
is an exploration of a character. We wanted to create a character representing men who lean outside the box of cultural norm—a character motivated by an unseen force or voice. We chose the physical aspects of gravity to represent the unseen entity in his life which motivates him to move. Many men who choose a career outside of cultural norm (as a professional artist, for example) receive social feedback informing us that we're strange—not unlike a circus performer. We hear things like, "You do what for a living? How do you make money?" However, we are aware that we are simply living out our God given wiring.

Out of Nowhere (2008) (Stephen Wynne) Run time: 13:17
Out of Nowhere
depicts, in a lighthearted way, the power of influence on a culture. Whether influence is determined to be good or bad is not the purpose of this piece but rather to bring to our attention how ideas and determination have their affects over time. The piece also shows that “these influences” are often accelerated within personal relationships. Is a culture unstable or open minded? Are relationships and values always determined to change? Influence and transformation have an interesting relationship and purpose in our personal lives as well as that of a cultural.

Snow (2007) Run time: 8:00
Six dancers (representing the six points of a snowflake) reveal and are held aloft for their distinct characteristics and work in ensemble to transform the space much like snow transforming our yards and metro parks into winter wonderlands.

Soon I Will Be Done (1993) Run time: 4:53
This is a solo I created and performed when I was still dancing. Many of us traverse life altering painful experiences; many of those events stay within us for years or a lifetime. This solo shares how faith and hope can pull us through personal darkness.

Stone by Stone (2010) Run time: 29:00
In order to create this work, Nehemiah Mission Executive Director, Jim Szacaks stopped by an Inlet rehearsal to explain to us the story of Nehemiah rebuilding ancient Jerusalem and how that related to the work of his organization. Additional inspiring research included a DVD teaching series by Dr. Colin Harbinson, “Stone by Stone,” in which the stones that blocked the way of traveling back into Jerusalem are used as a metaphors for obstacles preventing us from bringing hope and restoration to the brokenness of our community. We use the title of this work with Dr. Harbinson’s permission and blessing.

10, Reimagined (2014/2015) Run time: 9:00
2014 marked the tenth season for company members, Joshua Brown and Elizabeth Pollert. This duet was created for them to honor their dedication, sacrifice, and the foundation they’ve helped lay for Inlet as together we look ahead to the years to come. In 2015, we layered the original choreography with Mihaela Kavdanska’s live interactive technology to create a work of intermedia art wherein the dancers’ movements create the projected imagery.

There is a Fountain (2002) Run time: 4:00
Set to an unusual rendition of a classic hymn, this duet follows the composition and dynamics of the score while citing Americana art, music and dance.

This Could Hurt (2005) Run time: 5:00
Given the creative direction of making a piece centered on the topic of gender, we decided to use time with the male students for research. This work was inspired by a book, “Wild At Heart,” by John Eldredge and centers on the idea of a group of guys having an adventure full of risk taking behavior.

Tides and Solitude (1996) (Sally Wallace) Run time: 11:45
Tides and Solitude
began as a solo. I was first interested in having three legs in which to shift weight instead of two. Needing a prop to travel in such a manner allowed me to move differently than my normal movement vocabulary. I invented a movement vocabulary and technique with the poles containing under and over curves which cover a vast amount of stage space with few weight shifts. This movement experience triggered images of sailing—the long stretched over and under curves, over and under with the waves, and the speed and grace of that kind of traveling.

War Effort Eves (2002) Run time: 3:30
This dance was created in reaction to 9-11 and centers on three archetypes of American women during WWII. The three characters represent the USO performer, the Hollywood escapist dancer/actress from the big musicals, and Rosie the Riveter.

Winged Opposition (2005) Run time: 15:30
This piece began with the question, “What if the wars and natural disasters of this world are the physical manifestations of the spiritual realm?” We have prophecies in ancient texts that speak of such opposition and hardship. The movements in the piece make reference to scriptures in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible. The conflict and resistance in this piece represent the battling we experience in many aspects of life.

Wondrous Beasts (2005) Run time: 9:30
This dance’s structure and images are metaphors for the growth process and challenges individuals experience when in a mentoring situation such as the Inlet Trainee Program. Disparate characters come together for a time and are challenged by new challenges and situations. These experiences bring about changes that inform choices for continuing on their life journeys.

Evening Length Works

Inlet is currently in the midst of creating two unique evening-length works that will be available for touring by the spring of 2017.


Among the Darkest Shadows
Premiering February 2017 (East Lansing, MI)
This evening length work addressing modern-day slavery is being collaboratively created via a commission by Bert Goldstein, Director of the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts & Creativity at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts. The collaborative team includes internationally renowned Playwright José Cruz Gonzáles (Los Angeles, CA), and Producer/Dramaturg Bert Goldstein (East Lansing, MI), Inlet Executive/Artistic Director (Bill Wade) and the dancers of Inlet Dance Theatre. The new work will premiere in February 2017 at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts with touring to follow.


What Do You Do With An Idea?
Premiering June 2017 (Cleveland, OH)

This work is being created as part of the LAUNCH performance creation residency program of the Community Engagement & Education Department of Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio. Using the award-winning children's book, "What Do You Do With An Idea," written by Kobi Yamada, and illustrated by Mae Besom, Inlet is bringing literature to life through movement, which will result in a stage production geared towards children. In May 2016, Inlet performed a work-in-progress showing as part of Playhouse Square's International Children's Festival.

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